Sen. Cruz Outlines the Grim Outcome If Herschel Loses Georgia


Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on the Clay and Buck Radio Show yesterday where he warned of a terrible outcome if Herschel Walker doesn’t win in Georgia.

Clay Travis asked the Senator, “What’s the difference between 50 and 51 for the Democrats? What’s the difference between 49 and 50 for the Republicans?”

Senator Cruz strongly urged Republicans to come out and vote for Herschel, if they don’t the outcome will devastate the US:

“So, the difference is massive, and I will say everyone listening to the show, who’s in the state of Georgia, the runoff is on December 6th. Please come out and vote. It is incredibly important you come out and vote. You can vote early. Vote early; even better. Vote early and get it done right now to be sure of it. But please come out and vote. This election is 100% about turnout, and right now, it appears the Democrats are energized, and they’re turning out, which means it’s all going to come down to whether common-sense, freedom-loving Georgians stand up. What are the differences?”

Then he explained the urgency:

“Well, if the Democrat wins, if Raphael Warnock wins, it will give the Democrats a 51-vote majority. That will mean the Democrats have a majority on every single committee in the Senate. What does that mean? That means every single committee in the Senate will be able to issue subpoenas — will be able to use subpoenas to harass conservatives, to harass Republicans, to attack their enemies. If Herschel Walker wins, the Senate is evenly divided, which means every committee is evenly divided. That means the Democrats can’t issue subpoenas. They can’t use the power of subpoena power to attack their enemies.”

He didn’t mention the judges, but that’s another serious problem. Democrats are nominating the most radical judges, including ACLU communists.

“What else does it mean? Chuck Schumer has said if they have a 51-vote majority, they’ll be able to expedite their radical and dangerous agenda. They’ll be able to move it much, much faster. With a 50-50 Senate, it slows them down enormously. What else does it mean? I think with a 51-vote majority, the odds that the Democrats end the filibuster skyrocket. This last Congress, two Democrats stood up and said no, Joe Manchin and Kirsten Synema. I always thought it was Synema that had the real guts and was holding the line. And I think if Manchin…”

Then came the worst of it:

“If it’s only a one-vote margin, I think Schumer will get Manchin to role. And if that happens, if they end the filibuster, it means the Democrats, when they have a majority, will be able to do things like federalize all elections, strike down all election integrity laws, legalize every illegal alien in America, make the District of Columbia a state to elect two more Democrat senators, and pack the U.S. Supreme Court with four new left-wing justices to take away your constitutional rights. All of those are on the ballot in Georgia. So, I think it is incredibly, incredibly important to come out, support Herschel Walker, and vote in the Georgia runoff if you’re in Georgia.”

Manchin always caves. His latest was the Schumer-Manchin Inflation ‘Reduction” Act, a disastrous bill. Manchin pretends he’s one thing for the voters, but he’s far-left when the vote comes up in the Senate. He’s no moderate.

We can’t afford the outcome if Herschel loses. It could forever take away any chance Republicans have to stop the hard left.

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