Georgia RINOs Want to Give Tax $$$ to Illegals


Former never Trumper, radio host Erick Erickson pushed on his radio show a GOP outreach to non-white voters asking for passage of Georgia House Bill 999.

HB 999 gives payments to illegal alien students with oversight by illegal alien parents/guardians/custodians. Not satire.

It’s a school choice initiative but citizens get to pay for people here illegally the way it’s written.

The state is going the wrong way.

“The Georgia Educational Freedom Act”

Sponsors: Rep Wes Cantrell (R) of the 22nd, Mike Glanton (D) of the 75th, Angela Moore (D) of the 90th, Heath Clark (R) of the 147th, Patty Bentley (D) of the 139th, Kasey Carpenter (R) of the 4th and others (names of “others” coming soon).

The bill creates state law to provide $6000 per school year “Promise Scholarship” for an alternative to a public K-12 school for any student who has a parent, guardian, or custodian who lives in Georgia. It includes illegal alien students and/or parents.

The new “Promise Scholarship” would be funded by the state taxpayers and subject to appropriations.

The award is not taxable income.

Erickson invited D. A. King, head of the Dustin Inman Society and an opponent, to comment on the bill. King said:

A lot of people will support “school choice.” Most people here in Georgia are not going to support the contents of the bill that allow direct payments from the state to accounts set up for illegal alien students, to be distributed by illegal alien parents, who are also given an opportunity to have oversight into compliance with this law. So it needs a lot of tweaks.

Erickson chimed in:

“I suspect through the committee process, they will work those particular issues out,” Erickson replied. “I’m fairly certain the Republicans aren’t going to fund illegal aliens going into private school, but it’s one of those issues they’re gonna have to process.”

Many polls show that many blacks, legal immigrants, and Latinos oppose illegal labor migration.

The bill is in line with Jeb Bush’s education reforms. Bush once famously said the illegals are all coming “out of love”.

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