Geraldo Argues with Hannity Over “Thuggish” Canadian Truckers


No-nothing Geraldo, who once spent a week opening an empty safe on air, lied about the truckers on air. It’s what gets him airtime since he has nothing else going for him. I’d like to see wealthy Geraldo live within the same circumstances truckers have had to tolerate.

During a segment with Hannity, Hannity told him how great he is and Geraldo said he loves Sean, so get your barf bag ready. Hannity stuck up for the truckers. You decide if he did it well.

Sean Hannity brought him on to get his ratings up. It’s a planned argument. I only put it up for those who think it worthwhile to watch them argue.


The truckers never honked after 6 pm and now don’t do it at all. As for the Teamsters, they’ve always been against private truckers.

Geraldo, who once gave away troop deployments, claims he kept people from making money and that’s also not true. He will never stop with his leftist drivel.

The reason people like Geraldo think the truckers are thuggish is because of the way they look. Elitists like Geraldo look down on people they deign beneath them. Black people go through the same thing. If they look a certain way, they’re thugs. It doesn’t matter that facts prove otherwise.

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