Hillary Responds to Spy Scandal With Usual Right-Wing Conspiracy Playbook


Hillary Clinton finally responded to the fake Alpha Bank-Russiagate story that is swimming all around her and involves her closest allies including, the lawyers at Perkins Coie and Jake Sullivan et al. A filing in the case of indicted Clinton campaign attorney, who used to be a DNC attorney, Michael Sussman, brings the fake Russiagate and Alpha Bank narratives to her doorstep.

Her response is to go back to her old playbook — it’s a right-wing conspiracy, specifically, it’s Trump and Fox concocting a fake scandal. However, it’s from a filing by an independent Special Counsel and it sure looks like spying and lying.

There certainly is a lot more evidence that Hillary spied than Trump had even the remotest ties to Putin.


“Trump & Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones,” Clinton said on Twitter. “So it’s a day that ends in Y. The more his misdeeds are exposed, the more they lie.”

“For those interested in reality, here’s a good debunking of their latest nonsense,” she concluded, linking to a Vanity Fair article, a far-left ditsy magazine.

The title of the article is, You’ll Never Believe It but Hillary Clinton Did Not, In Fact, spy on Trump’s White House. The subtitle is, In Less Breaking News, Donald Trump Remains a Moron.

That sounds unbiased, doesn’t it?

The article references a NY Times article which is manipulative and leaves out a lot of facts.

However, the filing that led to all this doesn’t accuse Hillary Clinton of spying, and that is true. Her campaign lawyer Sussman was paid by her campaign to dig up dirt on Trump. Sussman contacted a tech who got two researchers from Georgia Tech to scour Internet communications in the White House and at Trump’s NY residence for dirt on Donald Trump before he became president and AFTER.

The researchers warned they would have to “expose every trick we have in our bag” to make “a very weak association” between Trump and the Russians. That was in reference to the fraudulent Alpha Bank conspiracy that was an absurd joke from the beginning. Hillary’s main man, Jake Sullivan, pushed the Alpha Bank and Russiagate hoaxes.

Do you mean she didn’t know, control freak that she is?

The media has been lying since day one and continues to lie for her.

The media is slyly nitpicking. No, she did not directly spy, and that wasn’t the crime. The crime was Sussman taking nothing burgers from the techs, massaging them into a false crime story, and then peddling it to the FBI.

The idea of tracking a President’s private Internet communications at the White House, his residence, and elsewhere is truly disgusting. It should be a crime.

There is more but that’s enough for now. Let’s hope Durham actually does his job.

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