Geraldo asks Bongino are we “going to kill people we don’t like,” Fireworks!


Dan Bongino was up against Geraldo Rivera on ‘Hannity’ last night and it became fiery very quickly. Bongino was already riled up by Geraldo’s performance on ‘The Five’ Thursday afternoon.

On The Five that day, Geraldo bloviated, spitting out all the Democrat talking points – obnoxiously. He had the panel very frustrated.

I used to think he was just trying to make news when he made his absurd comments, but now believe he really is this stupid. You can watch ‘The Five’ segment at the end.

Geraldo brought up that Soleimani was fighting alongside the U.S. and claimed he couldn’t go from ally to monster in such a short time. He is referencing one of Obama’s horrendous deals with Iran in which he made our U.S. soldiers fight alongside Iran, Soleimani, in particular, to kill the common enemy – ISIS. It was scandalous at the time but the media refused to tell the truth.

At the time, the Obama-Biden administration was giving Iran hegemony in the region and in Iraq.

Dan Bongino had no patience for him and let him have it:

At one point, Geraldo said, “Is that going to be the new normal, Dan? Is this the new normal? The new normal that we assassinate the people we don’t like?”

WOW! Geraldo’s idiocy is beyond contempt, and it set Bongino off. He spared no mercy.

Warning, this is a painful 7 and-a-half minutes but the panel of ‘The Five’ does handle him well. They mostly don’t let him talk:



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