Geraldo thinks he can be an Ohio senator


Update: 03/11/21: Geraldo told Sean Hannity last night that he was thinking of running as a moderate Republican (RINO) but he won’t and will leave it to the younger people.

Geraldo Rivera, aka Geraldo Santana Banana, thinks he can win a Senate race in Ohio. He really has no self-awareness. Geraldo should go back to opening safes or giving away troop deployments in enemy territory.

Rivera is irrational. When you listen to him, you want to pull your hair out of your head in frustration.

If he runs, he needs to run as a Democrat because that is what he is.

What he does is pretend he’s a friend to the person he’s going to defame, and then he defames them. He did it to Donald Trump and he’s doing it now to the royal family. In this clip, without any knowledge whatsoever, he calls the royal family racist over not giving Archie a title. However, what he doesn’t know is William’s children get titles because they are directly in line. Children of Harry, Ann, Andrew, and Edward go by different rules of secession. That’s just the way it is.

Geraldo is a kook and he’s wrong almost all the time.


Don Imus used to mock Geraldo with his character, Geraldo Santana Banana:

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