German Food Prices to Soar Up to 50% Monday- Massive Changes Coming


Germany is looking at Weimar hyperinflation, when according to the German Retail Association (HDE), consumers should prepare for another wave of price hikes for everyday goods and groceries with Reuters reporting that prices at German retail chains will explode between 20 and 50%, Zero Hedge reports.

With soaring inflation, “The second wave of price increases is coming, and it will certainly be in double figures,” Sanktjohanser warned, cited by The Local, reports Zero Hedge.

“We will soon be able to see the impact of the war reflected in price labels across all the supermarkets,” said Sanktjohanser.

Recently, popular retail chains such as Aldi, Edeka and Globus announced that they would be forced to raise their prices. At Aldi, meat and butter will be “significantly more expensive” from Monday due to price hikes from its suppliers.

The truly alarming thing is that Germany relies on Russian fuel for 34% of their needs. And they are planning to add more sanctions. The sanctions aren’t working unless it’s the West they hope to destroy. If it’s The Great Reset they want, then this makes sense.


Speaking to Bild, German Minister Christian Lindner said “the Ukraine war is making us all poorer, for example, because we have to pay more for imported energy.”

He admitted that the government “cannot offset this loss in prosperity.” He added that the authorities were working to “cushion the biggest shocks.”

The current state of affairs in the national economy is giving Lindner “serious concerns.” He cited sagging growth and rising prices. The minister reassured journalists that the government is doing all it can to “avoid the threat of so-called stagflation.”

I bet that’s reassuring to few.


In the long term, Germany is going to have to “lay new foundations of prosperity,” Lindner warned. Special emphasis should be placed on social and ecological aspects, he said.

When asked why Germany was still “funding warmonger Putin with our gas and oil imports,” he argued that the end of Russian hydrocarbon supplies “would have dramatic effects on our country.”

Lindner hailed the sanctions imposed on Moscow as “unparalleled.”

Lindner also promised that no German would freeze next winter. To prevent that, Berlin is “building up reserves and tapping alternative sources of supply.” The politician indicated that Germany could consider using “oil and gas reserves in the North Sea, the extraction of which had thus far been deemed too expensive.”

Additionally, Germany will have to shell out considerable sums of money to end what Lindner described as the “neglect” of the country’s military.

Keeping these sanctions are insane or they’re resetting the economy perhaps?

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11 months ago

Sorry, your threats are empty…
Just because I do not choose to believe as you do, does not mean I go to Hell…..

11 months ago

” If you were to die tonight, where would you go?”

If I die tonight, I want to go where the good dogs go.

Full stop.

11 months ago

This is where wokeness leads to. Yes, bankruptcies. Add stolen election here along with complete incompetence and imminent economic collapse is around the corner.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

The West has elected corrupt, leftist, irrational leaders, so they deserve this.

Any decent leaders could have prevented this situation.

America deserves, and is receiving, great punishment for allowing the election coup.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

Germany was treated like dirt after WW1, deprived of energy and other resources, but that war did not have a clear instigator or bag guy. When extremists took over the system in 1993, Europe acted shocked. Go figure. They caused it, as they are now causing the present problems. History does not change much over time.

After WW1, most of Germany’s coal (used to heat homes) was confiscated by other nations, and people lived in the cold. We are not supposed to talk about that. Now here comes big inflation and energy shortages to Germany again.