German Health Minister Talks Covid Restrictions for Climate Change


Germany’s Minister of Health, who sports an Adolf Hitler hairstyle, has fascist goals to conquer climate change in the way that they think they cured COVID.  Minister Lauterbach said people won’t be able to travel much, and there will be other restrictions, and they might have to “prohibit certain things.”

“I think we need certain restrictions to contain climate change. That means less travel will be part of it as well. I cannot rule out that during the climate crisis, where we will end up in a situation where we have to prohibit certain things.”

The narrator noted that this is what people fear: that the “climate measures would be used as a blueprint for a Climate Dictatorship.”

“Oh, but those are just conspiracy theories.”

As Mr. Lauterbach talks of fascistic government mandates, he says the idea of a climate dictatorship is a conspiracy theory. How ironic!

You can watch Nicole Schwab on this link. She is the fascist daughter of the fascist Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum).

Robert F. Kennedy reviewed the problems with lockdowns in this clip:

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4 months ago

How does wearing a mask and keeping 6 ft distance help solve a nonexistent problem?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

Germans like to travel, they can hop on a train or in a car and be in several different countries in a few hours. But they are submissive and accepting of being mistreated.

Hitler built cars for the common man and encouraged them to travel.