German Leader Confirms US Rejected a Ukraine Peace Deal


Former German leader Gerhard Schroeder confirmed that a peace deal could have been made in Istanbul in March 2022. Ukrainian officials were willing to accept neutrality, but this was rejected by the Biden administration in Washington.

Schroeder confirmed revelations by ex-Israeli Prime Minister and Ukrainian media: “At the peace negotiations in Istanbul in March 2022 with Rustem Umerov, the Ukrainians did not agree on peace because they were not allowed to. For everything they discussed, they first had to ask the Americans. I had two talks with Umerov, then a one-on-one meeting with Putin, and then with Putin’s envoy.”

A compromise was offered, and Umerov was receptive. He said that Ukraine does not want NATO membership. He also said that Ukraine wants to reintroduce Russia in the Donbas. But in the end, nothing happened.

“My impression was that nothing could happen because everything else was decided in Washington. That was fatal. Because the result will now be that Russia will be tied more closely to China, which the West should not want.”

If true, why would the US do that?

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