Liz Cheney: Donald Trump’s “the single most dangerous threat”


In good news for her teeny fanbase, Liz Cheney said she hasn’t ruled out running for president. She also called Donald Trump “the single most dangerous threat” in the country now, making her comments during a CNN interview.

It’s not the open borders with terrorists trying to get into the country, along with Chinese and Russian people and cartels. It’s not the war in Ukraine and Israel – it’s the man who wants to make America great. It’s not our shaky economy. No, it’s Donald Trump.

Liz Cheney, warmonger.

On Sunday, on CNN’s “State of the Union,” she claimed the J6 kangaroo court investigations showed “there can be no question that he will unravel the institutions of our democracy.”

“He cannot be the next president because if he is, all of the things that he attempted to do but was stopped from doing by responsible people around him at the Department of Justice, at the White House Counsel’s Office, all of those things, he will do. There will be no guardrails,” Cheney said.

She doesn’t seem to notice the current dictator ruling and legislating from the Oval Office.

When asked Sunday whether she would rule out a presidential run for 2024, Cheney said, “No, I’m not.”

“I will tell you what I’m definitely going to do. I’m going to spend the next year, between now and the election, certainly helping to elect serious people, helping to elect sane people to Congress,” Cheney said.

Cheney added that she would support candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties, “we don’t want a situation where the election is thrown into the House of Representatives, and Donald Trump has any possibility at all of prevailing under those circumstances.”

“We are facing a moment in American politics where we have to set aside partisanship, and we have to make sure that people who believe in the Constitution are willing to come together to prevent him from ever again setting foot anywhere near the Oval Office,” Cheney said.

The failed representative doesn’t believe in America First.

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