German Ministry: Ban Speech, Travel, Economic Activity of Political Opponents


Here’s the latest from Germany, the nation most in cahoots with the Biden regime outside of the UK. This comes courtesy of Eugyppius on Subtack.

The German Interior Ministry has declared war on the political opposition, announcing wide-ranging plans to restrict the speech, travel, and economic activity of anyone deemed to be on “the extreme right,” which is just a slur for anyone whose politics the establishment doesn’t like.

Falling in line and eager to re-establish his flailing reputation, Mario Voigt, the head of the center-right CDU in Thüringen, devised unique ways to defend democracy.

This week, in the Thüringen state parliament, he gave an amazing speech outlining a five-point plan to protect German democracy from that other great menace, the free and open internet.

Here are the five ways he wants to protect democracy on social media:
  1. We should agree to ban bots and make using fake profiles a criminal offense.
  2. He wants to mandate people to use their real names because freedom of expression should not be hidden behind pseudonyms.
  3. Another idea is “revocable social media licenses” for every user so that dangerous people have no place online.
  4. Voigt also wants to regulate algorithms so that we can revitalize the diversity of opinions in social networks.
  5. We also have to improve our media skills.

This is the man who officially leads the “democratic Christian Democratic Union. Outside of their use of the word “democratic,” they’re not very democratic.

He wants Germans to obtain state-issued licenses for permission to post their thoughts online.

Voigt’s regulatory regime would abolish online “freedom of expression” and all “diversity of opinion,” so no rules would be needed. The hardcore leftist agenda is out in the open everywhere and spreading like cancer, destroying the West.

The Germans weren’t happy, so Voigt took to X and pretended that wasn’t what he meant. It was just a poor choice of words to call for “revocable licenses.

Isn’t that low? Pretending he didn’t mean what he clearly meant?


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