Germany wants to ban domestic airline flights, force people on trains


The top candidate for Chancellor in Germany wants to ban domestic airline flights. Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet is now in favor of a ban on domestic flights. He thinks it’s a way to combat climate change.

At first, he was critical of the Greens, but he is willing to do it with a few modifications.

If you vote for progressives anywhere in the world, you will one day be back in a horse and buggy with solar panels on your lean-to. There is no group more regressive than the progressive, except for elite progressives, of course. They will live well. And if you think it can’t happen here, read The Green New Deal Frequently Asked Questions.


The Union’s candidate for chancellor, Armin Laschet, would, under certain conditions, be open to renouncing domestic German air traffic in order to combat climate change. “Ok, I’ll be there if we can move quickly differently,” said Laschet on Saturday. But alternatives must be created for this.

Alternatives, hmmm…a blimp, maybe?

“We want you to be able to travel quickly from Düsseldorf to Berlin,” explained Laschet. In France, for example, the TGV express train ensures that flights are no longer worthwhile. If, however, new railway lines were built in Germany, the Greens founded local citizens’ initiatives against an expansion. Germany must, however, become faster in planning and approval procedures,” said Laschet.

Okay, really fast, more dangerous, trains with solar panels on them?

The Chancellor candidate of the Green Party, Annalena Baerbock, had spoken out in favor of short-haul flights no longer being possible. Short-haul flights, especially domestically, should be superfluous with a more attractive train.

Baerbock praised the French government’s decision last year to order Air France to drop all domestic flights on routes that could be traveled by train in less than 2 1/2 hours as a condition for a multibillion-euro bailout during the pandemic.

“I want to be the next Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany,” said Laschet. He does not want to stand for bans, renunciation, or loss, but for new ideas and innovations. His new ideas are to bring back the old ideas for a climate we all know he won’t affect.

There has been an ongoing, multi-year precipitous drop in domestic air travel in Germany. While the airline industry denies it, many believe the drop in passengers is related to publicizing alleged links between climate change and CO2 emissions from flying, so-called flight shaming.

In the event of a victory in the September election, he announced the creation of a digitization ministry.

He wants to be on the computer a lot.

Laschet is said to lead this as the top candidate.


h/t  Harvey


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