Dr. Atlas on Fauci emails: ‘unconscionable,’ ‘portends a very dark future’


A new batch of emails, part 2, from ICAN exposes a very duplicitous Anthony Fauci. In the emails released last night, Dr. Fauci says one thing privately and quite another in public.

You can read them on this link. The summary from ICAN is here.

After you read this or watch the clip, tell me who we can trust now? We can’t trust our government agencies and now we can’t even trust our healthcare professionals.


Dr. Atlas was on Tucker Carlson this evening and explained that Dr. Fauci knew the masks were ineffective and the lockdown was not based on science. The lockdown did not stop the virus and destroyed a lot of businesses.

Never once did Fauci express concern about the effect the policies were having on the public. Dr. Atlas describes this as an “unconscionable” way to conduct public policy.

What we are seeing is a “corruption a politicization” of science, Atlas said. Atlas noted that the letter that went out to The Lancet looks like it was orchestrated behind the scenes. It stated something that was not factually true as if it were in an attempt to censor the science, the dissenting view.

Dr. Atlas said this “portends a very dark future” if we don’t make these people accountable. It is much bigger than just Dr. Fauci.

It sounds like advice was not given out according to science. Fauci appeared to know it. This is a virus that is deadly for very old, frail people with comorbidities, but for everyone else, particularly children, it’s “much less dangerous than the flu,” Atlas said.

This is a “tremendous amount of censorship and distortion of science that was used to inflict one of the most harmful public health exercises in the modern world history here.”

He concludes that there needs to be accountability but the most important thing is to “decode the truth” which has been missing here. The people who did seek the truth were pilloried. This can never be repeated.

Watch Dr. Atlas discuss what went on:

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