Germany’s Foreign Minister Reports Germany Can’t Defend Itself


Other than the United States, NATO could well be an organization of nations that can’t defend themselves. Germany’s new Foreign Minister, Boris Pistorius, realized that Germany can’t protect itself two weeks into the job.

Former Chancellor Angela Merkel mocked Donald Trump after he told her not to tie Germany into a fuel deal with Vladimir Putin. As it happens, sixteen years of Angela Merkel left Germany very weak.

So, now Pistorius is looking at conscription. Expect to see the US also look into the conscription of boys and girls. It’s inevitable if the war continues to escalate.

A familiar discussion has begun in Germany, almost a year after Russia started its war on Ukraine: Should compulsory military service be reintroduced? Some countries, for example Latvia, have recently reintroduced it, and German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius fueled the debate when he said earlier this week: “It was a mistake to suspend compulsory military service.”

“We do not have an armed force capable of defending against an aggressor like Russia. The German Army does not have the strength to defend its NATO allies as well. Bundeswehr does not have enough personnel, ammunition, equipment, and weapons,” Pistorius said.

China and Russia have armies that can defend their nations. They have allies like Iran and North Korea. All of them have nuclear weapons.

Since the US is talking war with China and Russia, and the US might be the only nation that may be able to defend itself, does anyone see a problem here?


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11 months ago

Germany can’t protect itself? Who would have thought that possible? Well, Donald Trump did!

John Vieira
John Vieira
11 months ago

You reap what you sow!!!