Gina McCarthy’s back to work on climate and a ‘sea change’ in how we power up


According to Axios, Gina McCarthy is returning as the domestic climate policy chief alongside her deputy, Ali Zaidi, New York’s current deputy secretary for energy and environment, as first reported by the Washington Post.

Zaidi, meanwhile, also served in the Obama administration but has since implemented New York state’s aggressive climate plan as a top adviser to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. New York has a wealth of natural gas, but Cuomo won’t tap into it; even as the state is weighed down by debt and deficits, it can never payback.

McCarthy is president of the Natural Resources Defense Council and has sued the Trump administration more than 100 times to delay energy efficiency.

She also helped broker the Paris climate accord in 2015 and another global agreement in 2016 to phase out hydrofluorocarbons’ use. She also spearheaded the Clean Power Plan, which set national standards for reducing carbon emissions from power plants.

Zaidi’s work for Cuomo focused on cutting New York’s carbon output and bringing communities of color into conversations about the effects of climate change.

They love to play the race card.

Under her leadership, the EPA spread propaganda — illegally. As EPA chief, she said there would be a “sea change” in how we power our nation. In a 2016 interview with a Mashable reporter, she made it clear we will abandon fossil fuels and rely solely on unreliable and costly alternative energy. The government will decide how we will live and how well we live.


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