Glenn Greenwald Reviews the Tucker-Putin Interview


Glenn Greenwald analyzed the Tucker-Putin interview on his podcast. it’s what most people would pick out as important.


When the Soviet Union disbanded, Russia gave up communism, and there was no ideological divide. They decided to be capitalists and wanted to end the cold war. There was no reason for NATO to expand up to the Russian border.

NATO expanded anyway, despite it being the Russian redline.

Putin said when Yeltsin went to America, he told the West to let them in. The US praised Yeltsin but then reversed and started bombing Belgrade in violation of international law, letting the genie out of the bottle.

In 2000, when Putin came to power, he said he tried to open the door again.

Greenwald said that the history Putin recounted is correct. The US also took the position that Kosovo should become independent. Putin warned this is an extremely dangerous precedent because countries all over Europe are comprised of people of disparate cultures.

The Eastern part of Ukraine, which Russia occupies, is predominately Russian. Russia says the US set the precedent.

The Maidan revolt – the coup – pushed Russia to the line. They could not leave their people to this war machine.

Greenwald said it’s a lie to say the war started in 2022. The war began in 2014. It was between the installed administration in Kiev and the Western people who are tied to Russia through culture.

Putin said that the West is scaring their own population with the Russian threat of nuclear war and expansionist behavior into Poland. Putin said he has no interest in Poland, Latvia, or Lithuania. He said it goes against common sense to go against a global war. It’s scaremongering.

Greenwald said Putin is completely denying any desire to invade other countries and cause a global war.

He talked about the Yanukovych coup. Putin said the US said they’d calm the situation down, and the CIA undercut the administration.

Putin discussed the US system, which is run by agencies. There is a permanent deep state. [It’s hard to argue with that since we have a man with dementia in the presidency who is obviously not running the government.]

The administration still thinks Putin got Trump into office in 2016. They turned on a dime and got the entire media to think Putin is Hitler. US propaganda rewrote history.

Putin thinks the CIA blew up Nord Stream II.

Greenwald quickly reviewed a couple of items of interest, including Tucker trying to get the Wall Street Journalist freed.

Greenwald said you should be skeptical, but much of what he said is verifiable.

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16 days ago

Greenwald is correct that the war started in 2014 by Victoria Nuland and the CIA but it was set in motion by Nuland under the Bush admin. There was no reason to expand NATO and Clinton cluster bombing Serbia opened a Pandora’s box from which the world still suffers. Obama and now Biden are the one’s doing the ethnic cleansing.