Global and Coordinated Pro-Hamas Blockade Hits US Cities


We reported earlier about the radical protests in Manhattan with the Hezbollah flag waving and mostly college-age people screaming, “Death to America! Death to Israel! They walked from the NY Stock Exchange to the Brooklyn Bridge to blockade it.

It was a coordinated communist/fascist protest in several major US cities and in cities in the UK, Paris, and elsewhere. Organizers send out an email and tell all the usual leftists to march. March, they did, in Florida, Chicago’s O’Hare, the Golden Gate Bridge, and possibly other places.

It’s often the same people at these protests.

This isn’t just in the United States. It’s global, and it’s coordinated. It’s part of a worldwide economic blockade. The US is becoming one with the third world and the worst of Europe.

In Flordia, they were swiftly arrested. The blue cities let it go on way too long, telling the police to stand down.

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