Terrorists 9 Minutes from the WTC: “Death to America,” Hezbollah Flag Waving


A nine-minute drive from the World Trade Center, you will find yourself in front of the New York Stock Exchange. There, you will see communists and religious fascists cheering terrorists, waving a Hezbollah flag, and screaming, “Death to America! Death to Israel!”

Hezbollah Flag Waving

During rush hour, hundreds of them rushed to jam up the Brooklyn Bridge, and the police were able to stop half of them.

The FBI should be there rounding them up. This is a disgrace and well beyond their 1st Amendment rights. They are calling for the downfall of America and Israel. It’s not J6ers who want to destroy our country. They want to save it. These radicals, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are communists and fascists, and they want to take down this country.

How many of these anti-American monsters had their college loans forgiven? There were no standards applied to the “forgiveness.”

The pro-Hamas mob has taken over the Brooklyn Bridge.

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