Globalists Are Working on an App to Track Carbon Usage for Everything You Do


Canadian Alibaba group, President J. Michael Evans boasted at the World Economic Forum that they are developing a carbon footprint tracker so we can monitor everything we do – what we buy, eat, where, and how we travel.

This could easily be made mandatory through some imagined crisis, but even if it doesn’t become mandatory, it makes people feel like prisoners, monitoring everything they do.

This could easily fit into the CCP social credit system the Big Banks are looking into for investments.

We should be allowed to live and not constantly police ourselves. The climate issue is 100% computer generated. The people who put the information into the computers are mostly biased. We don’t know if limiting our carbon use will lower the earth’s temperature. We don’t see the worst emitters doing anything. China and India are not going to limit their carbon use.

Bloomberg writes that China has almost enough solar and wind for every home in China. They didn’t mention that China dominates the mineral market, especially rare earth minerals. The West would be wholly reliant on China. In the end, we still need fossil fuels for a long, indefinite period of time.

Alibaba carbon tracker for your car
Energy Connects writes:

But tempering that is a second point: the relative insignificance of household power when it comes to energy demand in China. Just 17% of electricity use there was classified as residential in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency. In the same year, homes accounted for 29% of power consumption in Japan and a whopping 39% in the US. In China, factories are still king, with industry accounting for 60% of all electricity needs.

So, even with clean energy able to cover nearly every home, China’s generators still needed to burn more fossil fuels — and emit more greenhouse gases — just to keep up with what proved to be a relatively tepid year for economic growth.

The West can’t compete and needs to keep fossil fuels for the long term for national security, but the US, for one, is destroying fossil fuels for the near future. No one will invest in refineries or coal plants, and we can’t drill on public lands. Setting up a successful drilling operation takes a long time, and Biden has shut it down on federal lands.

Now the WEFers look forward to seeing each person enslaved by carbon emitter monitors. People are merely carbon emitters to these people.

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