Good Mom with a Gun Protects Children & Shoots Intruder


A South Carolina mother-of-three heard a man attempting to break into her home and when she said he had a gun, he didn’t stop. This good mom with a gun shot him.<\ Ashley Jones of Anderson County told FOX Carolina she heard someone banging at her door early on Thursday. The mother said she called 911 and got her gun. She said she saw a man banging at her door when she peered out the window.

“I yelled, ‘I have a gun, I will shoot you, get away from my house,’” Jones said.

Then he kicked in her door and she had little choice.

“So then he kicks the door in as soon as he kicks the door in and tries to take a step in my house that’s when I shot him and he ran off, she recalled. “Something just came over me, I got calm and my heart slowed down.”

The mother said she “would’ve killed him if I had to” if the intruder tried to come inside her home. She said she was thankful she had protection because she didn’t think she could fight off the man.

“Because if I didn’t have any kind of weapons I don’t know what I would have did. That guy was kind of big,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have been able to fight him off. I never thought I would have to shoot that gun, ever,” she continued.

The suspect, Cecil Charles Parnell, 42, is in the hospital but he will be okay.

He was charged with 1st-degree burglary. The mother won’t be charged.

All mothers worth their salt are going to protect their children.

As Democrat insist on letting in unvetted people so they can get more votes, we will need our guns.