Leftist Sen. Jeff Flake Turns on His Republican Colleague


Fake Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said he is supporting Democrat J.D. Scholten in his bid to unseat three-term Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) over King’s ties with white nationalist politicians and groups.

Flake is siding with propagandists but Flake doesn’t care. The opponent is funded by coastal liberals from New York and California and he is far-left.

The leftists don’t want anyone to use the expression ‘coastal liberals’ because they are trying to silence the opposition, so they claim the expression is anti-Semitic. There are many Christian coastal liberals who are fundraising like Nancy Pelosi. It isn’t about race or religion as the identity politics Marxists want people to believe.

Flake said on CNN’s Situation Room: “We have a candidate on our side of the aisle who isn’t exactly making things easy for Republicans moving forward. It’s not the best face of the party.”

The failed senator is likely auditioning for a network position.

It’s all fake propaganda. King has never and would never support a Nazi or white supremacist. It’s an absurd accusation.

The leftists compared him with the mass murderer in Pittsburgh and now the leftists are attacking him because he would not answer the outrageous question. No matter what he said, the dirty tricks Democrats planned to use this lie against him.


Steve King has responded. “Americans are all created equal by God…” He merely wants to return to the rule of law and have people come into the country legally. King has never uttered a word against legal immigrants or labeled anyone by race or religion.



That isn’t all he said. He trashed Ted Cruz and President Trump as well.

Jeff Flake Insults Cruz & Trump, Says It’s Anti-Semitic to Criticize Soros


  1. Furthermore, the vast anti-Semitism in this country is centered in the upper eschalons of Academia and even Government, whether State, FBI etc. I was unaware of this vast Jew hatred until watching David Horowitz debate, I believe it was, Ward Churchill. More and more it became apparent that Universities have been the progenitor of modern day hatred and soon after being exposed Horowitz was no longer welcome on different news outlets. Because of the origins in Academia there are multi-generations of young people that have been indoctrinated in this hatred, much like the Hitler youth.

  2. Question is if everything goes according to plan and the Socialist Soros Globalist’s lose biggly in the up coming elections, including 2020 what will we do to make sure their mantra is tamped down. From formal schooling into religious teachings and just everyday life. We need to get involved because the big money supporting the left isn’t going away.

    • In that debate Frum brought up Soros as “evidence” of right-wing anti-Semitism. First, if Soros is so Jewish why change your name from Schwartz. In any event, if he wasn’t a Jew he would be considered as anti-semitic as Farrakhan. He supports, with his extensive wealth, many anti-Jewish and anti-Israel organizations. For David Frum, a Jew, to align himself with Soros, really calls into question how important Jewishness is TO him. I have to assume Frum is fully in support of J-Street which is a Soros funded group that regularly goes against the “Jewish State”.

      Frum also began his opening with trying equate Trump and its supporters with the rise of Hitler. In reality there is some parallels there. BEFORE Hitler rose to power he had his “thugs” terrorize the people, not unlike the modern day Antifa. In fact, the man who wrote the Antifa handbook has toured the country espousing Hitler type tactics. Therefore, the “modern day” Hitler would be a person, “Post Trump”, and AFTER the radical leftists, including Antifa, would gain power and enact laws that would persecute their opposition. This video analysis shows the danger of the left, and given the media’s complicit reporting, the combination could be the seed that allows the rise of a “real” fascist, which would be OF the left, and would be cheered on by the same leftists And media.

  3. If THIS doesn’t sound suspicious. The Munk debate NOW says the results were a “technical glitch” and NO minds were changed. The results 72 oppose before and 72 oppose after.

  4. What was quite entertaining was David Frum, part of the Bush White House, spent a great deal of time “praising” Obama’s economic policies. So, how is it Conservative when your hatred of the President trumps your OWN “supposed” principles. In the end, these politicians do not really have Any principles when it is this superficial and changes with the wind.

  5. There is certainly a common thread among these Bushite Republicans. It seems to be consistent with a serious dislike for the average citizen. It is best described in the book, Hillbilly Elegy and was revealed by the one “Conservative” writer who excoriated the working poor. It is social Darwinism at its finest.

    I watched the Munk debate with David Frum and Steve Bannon. Frum is considered what is the best in the Intellectual Elite. I’ve neither read anything by him nor heard him speak before and was astonished how intellectually vacuous his arguments were.

    The debate centered around the politics of “Populism”. In his opening statement the majority of time was spent in ‘personal attacks’ against Trump. In an hour and a half he never articulated His side of the argument and spent probably eighty or more percent of the time in attacks, mostly personal. Is THIS what Conservative principles are reduced to. It’s no different than Flake. The vote in the beginning was about 78 percent Against and ended with about 57 percent in Favor. So, in the end Bannon swayed a majority. The audience was well into the thousands.

    I believe we will see the likes of Jeff Flake, David Frum and others soon to be reduced to a footnote in the near future because they no longer have any arguments of merit.

  6. Flake is looking for a job and going after the party that rejected him. He has a personal and financial goal.

    There are republican senators who are closet leftists. The party discourages solid conservatives from becoming senators and they end up with some leftists.

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