Good Morning Georgia! Kemp finally joins Trump’s calls for signature audit!


After seeing some troubling information come out of a committee hearing on Thursday, slow-to-react Governor Brian Kemp joined the Trump campaign’s call for signature verification again today. He called on Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to match the signature of mail-in ballot requests to the ballots returned by the voter. Kemp and Raffensperger are both Republicans [Raffesperger?].

“I called early on for a signature audit,” said Kemp. “Obviously, the Secretary of State, per the laws in the Constitution, would have to order that. He has not done that.”

Kemp then doubled down, “I think it should be done. There needs to be transparency on that. I would again call for that, and I think in the next 24 hours, hopefully, we’ll see a lot more from the hearings the legislature had today, and we’ll be able to see what the next steps are.”


The hearings, in case you missed them, included some very concerning information:

Senator Lindsey Graham encouraged Governor Kemp to “change the law so that the Senate races are not stolen from us,” the Daily Caller reported.

Yes, do, by January 5th, while you still can!

Politico reported: Amid party fears that a MAGA boycott could cost them control of the U.S. Senate, Trump privately spoke by phone this week with Lin Wood to tell him to “knock it off.” That’s according to one of their sources briefed on the discussion.

Hopefully, he talked with Sidney Powell also since she said the same thing. She told everyone to stay home, and both have a big Georgia following.

This election is far too serious, too critical to hand it over to Democrats. Dems are now mocking the right on Twitter as morons, and so much the better for them.

We will lose it all without the Senate. Both Perdue and Loeffler would be innocent victims. They have come through for Republicans in the past year.

One good thing about what Wood and Powell said is they woke up the night hosts on Fox to say something about the voter corruption — always-on-board-Hannity excluded.

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