Potential ballot stuffer identified


Update: The BOE Director said they weren’t suitcases, they are cases to hold ballots. He added that no one was trying to conceal – it’s just a small room and that’s where they fit. He admitted there were no observers, just three media — not Fox News. 

Caveat: This video does not prove anything, but it does need to be looked into. 

During the November 3rd vote counting, a woman pulled cases of ballots out from under a table covered with a cloth after Republican observers were told to go home by election officials. Four counters said they were done for the night. After the four people pulled the suitcases out, they counted for about four more hours sans Republican observers.

A Trump volunteer lawyer identified the vote counter who provided suitcase ballots. She is the daughter of vote counter Ruby Freeman. Her name is Shay Freeman Moss.

National File found more and reported: In an October 26 Facebook live stream, Freeman said “Y’all want to know who my new supervisor is? It’s my daughter.” She added that “I just do what she say do and it’s her show baby, it’s her show.”

Ruby Freeman’s daughter in the red circle.
Via National File

Freeman identified her daughter on the November 2 edition of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, writing that she, as “Supervisor of registration,” was “giving that look to the employees.” She added, “Mommie is so proud of you.” Freeman’s daughter can be seen with long, blonde dreadlocks that are dark at the roots in the photo.

Freeman stated that another election worker had complained about the instructions Freeman gave her at the direction of “a supervisor,” potentially her daughter.

In a November 3 Facebook post, Freeman wrote “A lady had a problem with me telling her what a supervisor told me to tell her yesterday. This morning, lo and behold, out of nowhere, she came to give me a hug. You already know the end of that story. Judas, I’m not Jesus. Don’t play. I blamed it on Social distancing.”

Five people with the fate of the nation in their hands:

What is she going to tell CNN?

In this clip, Ms. Freeman says, “I’m gonna tell CNN, okay, don’t say nothing, Nelson, look…Okay, so that’s what’s going on in Fulton County, voter registration.” She is showing Nelson, boxes, containers filled with ballots, and ballots piled on tables.


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