Good news. Joe Biden can still put a shirt on with help.


Joe Biden, the leader of the free world, can’t speak normally or remember anything, and he can’t put his shirt on all that well. But at least we’re in the best hands Democrats could offer as we sink into the abyss – a once great nation – now in rapid decline. We’re home to terrorists, cartels, and other dastardly types who pour in over our borders. We are no longer the land of the free as the “democracy-driven” democrats destroy the Bill of Rights. As for bravery, everyone cowers before the weaponized government and speaks the acceptable language now monitored by the press and universities on behalf of the government.

But, hey, ya gotta laugh or you’ll go crazy, so we will share the latest clips from the Democrat candidate for president.

Joe told his audience he hopes they have a memory. Ironic since he has no memory.

Uncle Joe begins screaming out of nowhere in this clip. There’s that.

Joe Biden didn’t need that much help figuring out how to get the shirt on.

I don’t feel sorry for him. He’s never been a good person, and he’s ruining the world with the help of Obama’s staff and frequent calls to the Big Kahuna himself.

How long before we all have to shelter in place to stay safe from Antifa, most Black Lives Matter, and the lunatics coming across our borders. Asking for a friend.

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