Open Borders Beto Says Biden’s Failing Us on the Border


Former Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke rebuked President Biden’s handling of asylum policy. O’Rourke told a panel convened Thursday by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics that he was inspired by Biden’s 2020 messaging in contrast with the Trump administration’s border policies.

“[w]hen Joe Biden was running in 2020, he ran with such incredible moral clarity on this issue: ‘We will no longer put kids in cages because they’re not animals, we will no longer tear babies from the breasts of their mothers,’ literally what Trump was doing in his family separation policy,” The Hill quoted him as saying.

O’Rourke called Biden’s pledges and rhetoric on the issue “inspiring,” and then said that “Biden is not inspiring… he’s really failing us.”

“More migrants have died this year than any year on record. And last year more migrants had died than any year on record. They’re drowning, they’re dying of dehydration and exposure in the desert, and these are little babies and mothers and f—ing human beings who [don’t] deserve to be treated that way,” he said. “And when you ban them from coming to this country lawfully and when they know [that] to stay in Honduras, or El Salvador or Haiti is to die in Honduras, El Salvador, and Haiti, and they have no other choice but to try to come into this country between ports of entry, risking drowning and death and imprisonment.”

“[A]nd yes, some level of separation that is still taking place in this country,” he asserted.

Yet, Biden is implementing many of the policies he called for. Beto called for open borders repeatedly over the years and called for tearing down the wall. He was opposed to Title 42. Suddenly, he’s a critic. We agree that Biden is failing us, but there is no reason to believe Beto would do better. It’s amazing that he doesn’t see the damage is from open borders, the very thing he continually calls for.

Democrats tried to sell Beto O’Rourke as the next John F. Kennedy. Now they have a Kennedy and all they do is demonize him. So ironic.

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