Good News! Kamala Says the Economy Is Great!


The economy is going great if you listen to Kamala Harris, border czarina. She bragged about jobs added in a recent tweet. However, for 2021, the jobs added were just jobs replacing those lost under COVID. This year, the job numbers were strong but disappointing last month.

However, she is still lying. The US lost ten million jobs during the pandemic and we have replaced eight million. There is nothing great here. It is an abysmal recovery thanks to Democrat policies such as paying people to stay home.

Let’s not forget that we have record shortages, rampant inflation, and a looming war that Ukraine is losing. Even our stock market lost under Biden.

We are sending drones and missiles to Ukraine. Russia warned they better not hit their motherland. This is deeply. concerning and the media ignores it.

Jamie Dimon is predicting recession that will hit like a “hurricane” and he wants us to “brace” ourselves.

We are most definitely headed for a recession – a bad one. The administration is doing everything wrong and they don’t have a reverse gear.

How can she say something like this? It makes the administration look ridiculous.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
9 months ago

Maybe in her weird little world.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
9 months ago

And I thought reading “1984” in high school in 1961 was a silly waste of time… .
Yet that book and “Brave New World” have proven to be so very prophetic.
Throw in the prophecies of men like Amos of the rich oppressing the poor and leaving in obscene luxury and you have a good picture of American with it’s Facist leadership of liars and power hungry fools. Isaiah warned a king about seeking alliance with Great earthly (but ungodly powers) that would result in such powers coming back to haunt his country (it happened!) and we see where the USA seems to be going. If one wants to understand from a different perspective, simply study the fall of the Roman Empire with all the political intrigues that so weakened its power. Will historians someday wonder about the USA also – “How could they have been so stupid?”

Frank S.
Frank S.
9 months ago

Kamala-“Schools are back in person.” Huh? So schools are no longer inanimate objects? Think Transformers! It’s probably what the dopey VP is doing.