Good News! The Less Productive You Are, the Cheaper Your Electric in Commiefornia


California’s electric bills, among the highest in the nation, are going up, but they have a plan that will hurt the middle class. If you’re productive in California, you will get to subsidize electricity for the unproductive. Don’t worry, thanks to the climate scam, everyone will suffer.

Instead of only pricing electricity by how much you use, the commiefornians are thinking of charging you by how much money you make. You get to pay twice if you’re productive.

Southern California Edison Company, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and San Diego Gas & Electric Company — have proposed a plan to charge customers not just for how much energy they use but also based on their household income.

Some state Republican lawmakers are warning the changes could produce unintended results, such as weakening incentives to conserve electricity or raising costs for customers using solar energy.

Ya think?

The utility companies are backing it up with their commie-economics studies.

However, utility companies say the measure would reduce electricity bills for low-income customers. According to utilities estimates, those residents would save about $300 per year.  That is, to begin with. Once it’s in, they’ll keep coming back to poach from the consumer.

California households earning more than $180,000 a year would pay an average of $500 more a year on their electricity bills, according to the proposal from utility companies.

There are several variations, but they all come to the same idea. This is our future under one-party Democrats. I tried to warn people, but even my children didn’t want to hear it.

They will decide by July 1.

California intends to make everyone a peasant. This is a cancer that can spread.

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