Goodyear responds to boycott over alleged zero tolerance policy


Earlier today we reported that WIBW 13 claimed on Tuesday that Goodyear corporate initiated diversity training requiring zero tolerance for Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, and MAGA paraphernalia. At the same time, Black Lives Matter and anything LGBT was fine, according to the training. An employee gave a slide with the information to WIBW 13.

It created a stir with the President weighing in angrily.  But Goodyear reports that they did not initiate this training or institute a zero tolerance policy.


The tire manufacture released a statement on Wednesday challenging a photo leaked to the press alleging to reveal a new company policy permitting BLM materials in the workplace while prohibiting politically affiliated forms of expression.

“The visual in question was not created or distributed by Goodyear corporate,” the company added. President Trump responded to initial reports on Wednesday by calling for a boycott of the Goodyear products.

The good thing is they say they are not anti-police. What is not so good is they allow those issues that fall under the aegis of racial justice and equity. That could include Black Lives Matter. But BLM is political and on a par with a MAGA hat certainly. They need to explain in more detail.

Goodyear has not denied that the slide was presented, and did say they banned political campaigning at work. It’s unclear if Black Lives Matter is allowed.

Kayleigh McEnany said Goodyear has to come out and clarify their policy:

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