Google Ads Warns of Stringent Censorship Regarding Ukraine


Google has attractive ads and they pay well but we stopped using them a while back because if you use them, they own you.

We still get their mail like the email below. The email warns that they won’t allow anyone to exploit, dismiss, or condone the war in Ukraine.

If they decide you are somehow promoting violence, you get suspended.

You can’t suggest the victims are responsible for their tragedy, such as saying Ukraine is committing genocide or deliberately attacking its own people.

The latter refers to claims online that Azovs attack Ukrainians who don’t comply with their demands.

Google says it’s to clarify, but in fact, it’s vague and general. It would be hard to abide by their rules if you divert from the preferred narrative in any way.

This stringent enforcement of censorship on the Internet is very dangerous and a threat to democracy. It’s hard to believe we are talking about saving free speech.

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1 year ago

Just wait until the Democrats lose in November and the new America First Congress actually goes after Big Tech.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
1 year ago

Very reasonable. Thank heavens there is a free speech platform like google to keep us informed. Joe Biden