Google Took the Gender Map Down, You Are Not Allowed to See It


The Gender map, now only available in CSV, has been taken down from Google after pressure from far-left LGBTQ Nation and Them. The Gender Mapping Project lists over 500 pediatric gender clinics and private doctors that appear to have sprung up overnight.

The Gender Map

Alix Aharon, the creator of the Gender Mapping Project, received a notice from Google that she posted to Twitter. It said her map violated their “Harassment, Bullying and Threats policy.”

This is one of the videos from her website.

The notice from Google is just more of the censorship that keeps Americans from knowing what is happening in this country. I went to The Left Forum conference at NYU years ago to spy on them. One of the far-far-left speakers told me that they – the totalitarian Left – had all the pieces in place and ready to go. They were prepared to take over and see the United States as a communist country. He liked me so much that he gave me a copy of his insanely left book. All he dreamed of seems to have come to pass, I wonder what their powerful underground must be like. They network. Gender ideology is part of the far-left’s plan for America.

Aharon is a founding member of Partners for Ethical Care, a “mother-led movement to educate the world about gender ideology and protect children.”

Several reporters, such as Matt Walsh, Christopher Rufo, and Libs of TikTok, have shown that gender ideology is pushing puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and surgeries to remove genitals in children. It’s a dangerous far-left movement aimed at minors.

Ironically, the far-left is on Twitter and elsewhere claiming the reporters are fascistic theocrats for not wanting children mutilated. Sometimes this surgery might be necessary, as in the case of hermaphrodites, but never based on youthful ignorance and desires.

These gender clinics and hospitals make millions off these children. They are big business.

Chloe Cole, who transitioned as a child and then detransitioned, is forming a new group, Detrans United. She hopes to save other children from what she went through after a mistake she made as a child. A therapist told her parents they had to do it to save their daughter.

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