Google Will Pay the NY Times $100 Million to Run Their Articles


Google will pay the New York Times $100 million to feature its articles on Google over three years.

News reporting should be based on what’s worthy of reporting, not marketing [and propaganda?]. The legacy media continues its movement away from traditional journalism into lobbying journalism.

You’ll never see the NY Times criticize Google even if they deserve it.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported this on Monday, but both Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and New York Times refused to comment on it.

As part of the deal, Google will feature NYT content on some of its platforms, including Google News Showcase, which pays publishers to feature their content on Google News.

According to the WSJ report, NYT announced an expansion of its agreement with Google earlier this year that included content distribution and subscriptions, as well as using Google tools for marketing and ad-product experimentation.

Google is popping up everywhere.

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