Joe Biden Weighs In On The Trump Town Hall


Joe Biden weighed in on Trump’s Town Hall with his pearls of wisdom, posing the question below. He probably wouldn’t like most of the answers.

The responses to the CNN Townhall with Donald Trump were predictable. The Left is enraged that CNN gave him airtime, and unless Kaitlin Collins took out a gun and shot him, they wouldn’t be happy with her. Most on the Right thought he outperformed. John Cardillo, a DeSantis supporter, thought it was a “catastrophe.”

Before the Townhall, the Progressives were wild with anger, bashing CNN and Collins, their most prominent supporters. CNN allowed an audience that cheered Donald Trump, which nauseated them. They want him wiped off the stage and out of history. They’ve made him bigger than life. CNN should be applauded for letting him speak. Their post-analyis was typical, but they did give him a podium.

As for Collins, she went about it all wrong. Instead of confrontational, gotcha questions, she should have presented facts and had him respond to them.

Still, CNN allowed him to speak. No one else is, including Fox News. As RFK Jr. says, censorship is “evil.” Let the people hear everyone and make their own decisions. RFK is also censored. Our country is headed in a terrible direction.


Joe Biden weighed in after destroying the country since he took office.

“It’s simple, folks. Do you want four more years of that? If you don’t, pitch in to our campaign.”

AOC’s response gives you an idea of how it went.

AOC doesn’t like free speech, as we know. She doesn’t want to debate, just silence, cancel, and eliminate.

Stephen Miller wrote on Twitter: Of peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity? HELL YES. You eradicated our border, erased our freedoms, liquidated our economy, targeted our children, and are driving the world to the brink of nuclear war.

Rosie Memos: Dare you to do a 70-minute town hall.

George Alexopoulos: At least Trump can complete a sentence, unlike you

Other Comments:

Well. It’s clear to see that Trump is on the people’s side or the media wouldn’t continue pushing their lies about him. The country will be lucky to survive the rest of your term, let alone another 4 years.


That is so hilarious that you fleeced the American people sending billions to Ukraine, you’ve taken money from China, put us into debt and into a recession, opened our borders, and now you are asking for more money?



This clip looks like a deepfake satire. it definitely does, but I bet it reflects how Anderson Cooper felt! It’s funny.

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