More Leaks Meant to Hurt Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters


We have more leaks today and they’re aimed at hurting Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters by releasing private text exchanges. These leaks could be from someone trying to destroy Fox, perhaps from within. Megyn Kelly thinks it could only be from Fox News, perhaps the comms person, Irena Brigandi.

Maybe not.

The latest leak is supposed to hurt Jesse Watters. Fox would be very foolish to want to get rid of him. This leak comes through the Daily Beast, Confider.

Watters allegedly wanted Neil Cavuto to be gone, and he felt they should move on from Chris Wallace.

“Wallace Cavuto and other [sic] have got to go,” Watters texted elsewhere in their exchange. “Need some fresh blood. Should hire some trump [sic] people.”

Cavuto and Wallace aren’t going to attract younger people, so Watters has a point. They’re stodgy and dated, which is fine for their 70-plus audience.

After the 2020 election and charges of rigging, Tucker was conflicted, and annoyed with Donald Trump’s actions.

Carlson privately expressed some skepticism about the election rigging, while suggesting on air Trump was right.

“It’s so sad,” he texted Watters in December 2020. “He’s going to break some shit. He already is. Wish I knew where to run. But I’ll die here.”

Carlson also complained about a Fox colleague, reporter Jacqui Heinrich.

“This girl apparently works for us in the ‘news’ division, though I’d be stunned if she’s ever broken a story,” he texted. “She was on Twitter last night calling out Hannity, and accusing Trump of planning to ‘steal’ the election. Can’t continue.”

In February, it was revealed in a court filing that Carlson texted Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham about Heinrich. He wanted her fired over a fact check on Twitter about false election allegations.

“Please get her fired,” Carlson said. “Seriously… What the fuck? I’m actually shocked. It needs to stop immediately, like tonight. It’s measurably hurting the company The stock price is down. Not a joke.


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