GOP Consultants Warned to Choose Between Cheney & McCarthy


On Thursday, the New York Times reported that a major lobbyist in Washington, D.C., who is close to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has warned GOP consultants that they will have to choose between him and Cheney.

It’s over for the two Republicans and some Republicans are worried that she will reveal what was discussed at their private meetings.

She probably already has or will do so. Cheney is a very vengeful individual.

“Jeff Miller, the lobbyist and a confidant of Mr. McCarthy’s dating to their youthful days in California politics, has conveyed this us-or-her message to Republican strategists in recent weeks, prompting one fund-raising firm to disassociate itself from Ms. Cheney,” the Times added.

“In response, The Morning Group, a fund-raising firm she hired to help prepare for a primary next year against a challenger endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump, informed her last month they could no longer work on her campaign, according to Republicans familiar with the matter,” the paper said.

“She’s not just undermining Kevin but the whole GOP conference,” Miller said of Cheney in an interview with the Times. “You’re either with Kevin, and the conference, or the person undermining them. You can’t serve two masters.”

Cheney does appear set on destroying the entire party if she has to do it to get Trump.

A spokesman for Cheney hammered McCarthy, however, for working against her reelection.

“It’s sad but not surprising that Kevin McCarthy is continuing down the morally bankrupt path of embracing House Republicans who are white supremacists and conspiracy theorists, but attacking Liz Cheney for telling the truth and standing for the Constitution,” Jeremy Adler told the Times.

What in the world did she think was going to happen? Cheney is on a non-stop scorched earth assault of Donald Trump and anyone who supports him in any way. And she’s Speaker Pelosi’s best friend as she sits on the partisan J6 committee.

It’s tough when it comes back to haunt.

Trump has endorsed Wyoming attorney Harriet Hageman for Cheney’s position.

“Unlike RINO Liz Cheney, Harriet is all in for America First. Harriet has my Complete and Total Endorsement in replacing the Democrats’ number one provider of sound bites, Liz Cheney. Make America Great Again!” he said.

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