GOP “Elite” as Democrats’ Beard


GOP “Elite” as Democrats’ Beard

By Floy Jackson

Chances are, most people believe there are two major political parties in America.  That used to be the case. However, that ceased to exist in any meaningful way after the Reagan era.  And what’s more, GOP politicians labeled as “RINOs” have actually served as the DNC’s “Beard.”

The last Republican House Speaker was Newt Gingrich, 1995-1999 (first GOP House Speaker in 40 years!).  His “Contract with America “was rooted in 3 core principles: Accountability (Government too big and spends crazy), Responsibility (stop the government from usurping individual rights), Opportunity (stop burdensome federal regulations and high taxes, restore the American Dream).  It was a resounding success. Even then, Americans hungered for America First policies.

Gingrich was the precursor to Trump’s America First, and therefore, HE TOO had to go.  So Democrats and their trained attack dogs of the MSM enacted what they are famous for, the Politics of Personal Destruction. I bet you thought this was a new tactic.  

Be it House Minority leader or Majority leader, Speaker, there has not been a true House Republican in charge since 1999.

Meet the New Boss; Same as the Old Boss

First came Dennis Hastert, a supporter of the Globalist Bush family.  In 2015 Hastert was indicted for banking funny business, funds supposedly used as hush money for past sexual misconduct with minor males, and lying to federal investigators.  He served 13 months in prison, paid a $250K fine.  Interesting, I wonder how many DEMOCRATS would serve time if we ever could get our hands on the congressional slush fund where TAX DOLLARS have been used to silence THEIR victims of sexual misconduct. We have actually witnessed many Democrats engage in bold-faced fibbing to congress, and we KNOW they lied to federal investigators. In fact, several federal investigators have lied to us. Some currently serve their sentences as CNN contributors.

Then came John Boehner aka, “Cry Baby Boehner, CCB,” so named because poor John was apt to cry rivers at the drop of a hat.  And sadly, he is one of those “ugly criers.”  If EVER there were an Obama Lackey, it sure was CCB.  Remember, it was at this time the Tea Party movement enjoyed greater popularity among Americans.  Polls indicated they were more trusted than members of congress (why THEY had to go).

In 2015, several Congress members created the Freedom Caucus, people who Boehner and elitist Republicans treated like basement-dwelling vermin.  In fact, it was common for CCB to call members of the Freedom Caucus to the “principal’s office” regularly and scream bloody murder at them for DARING to violate Establishment’s Walking Orders.  DAMNED them for fulfilling promises they made to their constituents.

Once CCB realized his life-long dream of meeting the pope, John wept his way off the political stage and became a marijuana lobbyist, aka legalized drug dealer.  As they kept Freedom Caucus Patriots living in the House basement, The Old Republican Guard swiftly replaced CCB with The Great Betrayer, Paul Ryan.

Ryan planted the Judas kiss on every American patriot’s mouth, revealing his disgusting treachery in the most “heartbreaking” of ways.  Serving as House Speaker 2017-2019, THIS was the betraying miscreant who despicably double-crossed a GOP base on fire with Trump’s America First platform.

Ryan was ALL IN on wide-open borders and importing cheap labor via the H-2B visas, the policies which kept American workers’ salaries either stagnant or in DECLINE.  Ryan’s 2018, 1,305 page House appropriations bill was a devastating poisonous stew to be rammed down our throats.

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A GOP ANY DIFFERENT THAN THE DNC? Of course not.  Ryan is now helping to poison the new, betraying Fox News stew.

Judas has NOTHING on these people.

Over the past several decades, the DNC has focused it’s every initiative, big and small, on their goal of utter and complete power over the American people.  Yes, there appeared to be two distinctively different parties, but it has been, in fact, pure trickery.  Establishment Republicans have merely served as the DNC’s “beard,” giving cover for the single party, DNC megalomaniacs.  Any lie, big or small, will garner the illusion of truth if told often enough.  Joseph Goebbels understood this, as did Saul Alinsky.  Without ANY doubt, the DNC OWNS 99% of the MSM.

It’s Not Over til the Fat Lady Sings

She may be doing some vocalization warm-ups, but she has not begun to sing.  The Freedom Caucus has officially moved out of the basement and is taking the top floor corner office.  Donald Trump, literally surrounded by Deep State operatives all conniving for the DNC, has somehow managed to produce more for the American people in just 3 1/2 years than any prior administration in our country’s history.  Not just some Americans but ALL Americans have seen their boats lifted by this president.

There is tremendous work being done by dozens of Freedom Caucus members, by genuine America loving patriots —  Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, Debbie Lesko, to name some.  There are about 30 (confirmed) FC members, with 7 new ones added in the 2020 election.  Apparently, DNC fraud was laser-focused at the top of the ticket and allowed some down-ticket seats to slip through.

Also, other Congress members who vote with the Freedom Caucus are not officially listed as members.

GOP Base Belongs to Trump; Betrayers Beware

While the “Old Republican Guard” still has seats in DC, these are the dinosaurs with whom the GOP base has lost all confidence and patience.  President Trump has made quite easy the job of voters determining who are actual Republicans and which have been serving as the DNC’s beard, hiding in the closet those who are Democrats in Republican clothing.

Any GOP officeholder, regardless of where on the food chain they reside, has turned against President Trump in ways big or small, have exposed themselves.  Those who have been – flat out lied to wooing votes – like the good people of Utah who are livid.

Total legacy politician and backstabber, Mitt Romney is learning this first hand … the extent to which his enormous arrogance will allow him to learn.  During his run for a senate seat, Mitt promised voters he would support President Trump.  Laughable, the man could hardly wait to attack the president.  As such, there is a prominent movement in Utah to create legislation that will allow them to recall Mitt’s treacherous hindquarters.

NOW, the time is NOW

Just as the New World Order is attempting to seize upon the COVID crisis to bring about a world “reset,” meaning, World Wide Socialism/Marxism, Democrats, Deep State Traitors have provided to We The People a GOLDEN opportunity to take America back.  We CAN DO THIS.  We now know the identity of nearly every GOP Great Betrayer covering for the Megalomaniacs who harbor a Blood Lust for Absolute Power.  They have exposed themselves as merely masquerading as the “opposing party.”  Not only do we now know who must be purged from the GOP but, the massive election fraud the DNC has been perpetrating in every growing number over the past 50 years is about to shock the conscience of America.

DO NOT let this opportunity slip through our fingers.  If it takes every non-disabled American patriot to line every street an thoroughfare in DC, So Be It.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

I forgot the Representative’s name, but I remember after Gingrich was forced out as Speaker, the Representative who was to succeed him stated that under his leadership, no money people pay in Social Security taxes would go to the general fund but would be only used for Social Security benefits as originally intended. I never heard about that guy again. I did a search a couple years ago and as I remember, he had to retire for medical reasons. I’m not making the claim and purely guessing that threats to his life and/or family’s life are the medical reasons. And I make that cynical guess because, since then, we have seen what the deep state is capable of.

3 years ago

I’m not so confident in Jim Jordan after his Memo protecting Google. It amazing how little money will buy off these politicians. I have one main question. How many of these DC politicians, who have been there for any time, actually returned to their home states. I haven’t seen a single one return since I reached voting age. The majority are still in the DC area, if living.

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
3 years ago

I have been quite aware of the RINO’s betrayal. Needless to say, none of them will ever get a vote from me again. As far as I am concerned, they can go to hell in a hand basket, and the sooner the better!

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
3 years ago
Reply to  Matthew Brown

Matt, for YEARS GOP Elites bullied the Republican electorate into voting for THEIR candidate. It was never more apparent then watching them employ every tactic, including the Great scare card, to sink the Trump campaign.
Since the early 1900’s, DC Elites have held a spring meeting during election years at Jekyll Island, TO DECIDE WHO WILL BE PRESIDENT. Twice in. Modern times, WeThePpl defied them, once with Reagan then with Trump.
During the meet in Spring, 1964, making LBJ their man, Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, was there committing the same betrayals in which his son has engaged. George also claimed to be a committed, “conservative.”
Romney is now grooming his sons for future political betrayals.

Every time the RNC declared only THEIR guy had a chance to win, their guys like McCain, Romney, it made me sick. Neither made a serious attempt to win, they already knew Obama was the anointed one.

As to massive voter fraud, BEFORE Obama was president, there were many districts where Republicans needed at least 4% more votes Just to neutralize fraud. SINCE then, it has become overwhelming. According to Sidney Powell, the.CIA vote turning program, The Hammer, AND Dominion, were used by Obama/Biden in 2012. No surprise, I’ve always felt BHO won in 2008 but did NOT win in 2012. Not one person I knew who voted for Obama in 2008 voted for him in 2012.

So the question is not was this election stolen, it most certainly was. The question is, HOW LONG have seats been stolen by the DNC and, of course, WHY has the RNC ALLOWED IT?