GOP may drop dirt on Blasey Ford after Politico hit piece on Tara Reade


Hypocritical Politico published a vicious hit piece against Tara Reade, the woman who accused Joe Biden of serious sexual abuse decades ago. They have gone from always believing the woman to tearing her apart. The piece was mostly meant to rip her character with the usual, mostly anonymous gossips.

According to Henry Rodgers of the Daily Caller, Republicans might drop some dirty laundry about the Kavanaugh accuser since it’s open season on sex assault accusers.

“Aides who worked on the Kavanaugh nomination are considering dropping an oppo file on Ford because of this @politico piece. Sources tell me,” he tweeted, linking to the Politico article.

That would be a little Old Testament justice, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” It would be hard to muster up any sympathy for Christine Blasey Ford. She contradicted herself repeatedly during her testimony, was not believable, and no one called her on it. Her only witness said it was a lie. Instead, Blasey was labeled ‘credible.’

The media has a lot to do with the nastiness and division in this country.

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