GOP questions CDC timing of mask announcement


The CDC was exposed by The NY Times recently after they reported the CDC itself found under 1% — and probably under .01 % — caught COV outside. This was as the CDC falsely claimed the risk was 10% and forced Draconian mandates on Americans based on the fake claim.

Republicans hammered them for all the outdoor restrictions based on the lie, especially youth sports and summer camps. In fact, they only recently passed the ridiculous stringent guidance for summer camps.

Now, suddenly, the left-wing agency loosened indoor and outdoor restrictions. Why?


The CDC just loosened outdoor restrictions. Their announcement is oddly timed. It comes as inflation is soaring and the Middle East is blowing up. Let’s not forget Biden’s non-handling of the ransomware attack on a key pipeline. He let the company pay the ransom and did nothing. That lack of response invites more of these attacks.

The border is in crisis, drugs and anonymous people are pouring in, and the Left won’t admit it to keep the public ignorant.

After 100 plus days, Biden and his insane policies are an abject failure.

Biden faced intense pressure this week from lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle who called for decisive action.

Biden doesn’t even know anyone’s name, and he certainly can’t give decisive commands. Susan Rice is currently the day-day president since Kamala doesn’t know anything. Obama is likely the behind-the-scenes commander. Although we don’t know for sure.


“While the new mask guidance is encouraging, the CDC and my Far Radical Left colleagues only chose to do this to distract from the consequences of catastrophic policy decisions that have been heard around the world,” said a skeptical Rep. Andy Biggs, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. “Inflation is rising, the Middle East is in shambles, the working class can’t fill up their gas tanks, our border is being overrun and the Biden Administration’s leadership is nowhere to be found.”

He isn’t the only Doubting Thomas.

“Why today? The science hasn’t changed,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., wrote on Twitter.

There are questions out of Virginia as well.

“I welcome the relaxed CDC guidance, but presidents need to walk and chew gum at the same time,” said Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., also a member of the Freedom Caucus. “The White House has not shown great vigor in handling our other immediate national challenges, such as the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline. I think the American people recognize that fact despite the CDC announcement, which merely caught up to the science on vaccines.”

Everything Democrats do is politicized and planned like a script for a Grade B movie, but it works. It got a senile Leftist in the presidency. It will work again, keeping Americans fat, drugged, dumb, and happy.

So, why do you think the CDC relaxed its guidance? Of course, King Cuomo won’t relax the mask mandate.

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