GOP statement can’t go in OR voters’ pamphlet – it was 29 seconds late


The Oregon Republican Party’s statement for the state voters’ pamphlet arrived 29 seconds too late and won’t be included in the guide mailed to voters for the November election, officials say.

Laura Fosmire, a spokeswoman for Secretary of State Bev Clarno, said deadlines apply equally to everyone.

“Anyone wishing to submit information to the Voters’ Pamphlet has several weeks to do so and we recommend avoiding waiting until the last minute for this reason,” she said in a statement.

The GOP did get the statement in by 4:59 on August 25th, the final day for filing.

The party filed a lawsuit demanding the lawsuit’s inclusion.

State Republican Chairman Bill Currier said the failure to include his party’s statement from the voting guide “reeks of partisan discrimination.”

He added, “If a bureaucrat in some decision-making role simply didn’t like what our statement said, this doesn’t give them the right to silence us.”

Clarno, the secretary of state, is the only Oregon Republican in statewide office. A former Oregon House speaker from Deschutes County, she was appointed to the job by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown to serve the rest of the term after Secretary of State Dennis Richardson died in 2019.

The statement submitted by the Republican Party was headlined “Had enough? Vote Republican!” It attacked Democratic leadership in Oregon on issues ranging from “Unrestrained rioting” in Portland to mismanagement of the pandemic resulting in “catastrophic small business losses.”

The GOP was locked out of the online filing system for hours, delaying their ability to file the statement.

Fosmire said there were “no problems or glitches” with the online reporting system. “(W)e simply received the statement after the filing deadline,” she said.

The Democratic Party of Oregon and six other political parties are included in the voters’ pamphlet for the Nov. 3 election.

That’s the deep state — rigid, unelected bureaucrats who have way too much power.

Democrats say they were late, messed up, and it’s on them. They should own up to their own mistake.

Oregon’s crazy.

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Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson
2 years ago

Why didn’t they hand-deliver it a day early? You never leave important things to the last second.

2 years ago

And, the OR Sec of State is a “republican”. Really? No, not really. If the commie gvrnr appointed her to take over the job, then Clarno is actually a “RINO”. Loud and clear, no question about it. Will do the bidding of the commie gvrnr and her cohorts.
I pray there is a judge who will force the state to include the Repub pamphlet in the mailing.
Yeah, right.
Just sayin’.

2 years ago

29 Seconds too late, but votes will still be counted if they are a week late.

John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  oldarmyblog

The “fraud” is reaching out already !!!

2 years ago

This is Communist countries operate.