GOP’s Robinson Elected N. Carolina’s 1st Black Lt. Gov.-Beating Bloomberg’s Big $


As one of ten children growing up in extreme poverty in Greensboro, NC, Mark Robinson has defied a lot of odds in life: an alcoholic and abusive father, foster-care stints, and an overwhelmed single mother.

After joining the Army Reserves right out of high school, he married and had two children. He took jobs making furniture, a profession that kept evaporating as each plant he worked for relocated to Mexico.

In 2018, he attended Greensboro’s city council meeting, and despite not owning a gun at the time, voiced his frustration over the town’s decision to ban a local gun show.  He found himself giving an off-the-cuff, 4 minute, deeply impassioned speech defending the Second Amendment that ended up getting national attention.

This year, with few resources and no electoral experience, Republican Mark Robinson became the first black lieutenant governor-elect of North Carolina. He simply shrugged of  Busy Body billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s $8 million anti-Robinson cash dump and earned more votes in his state than the two top Republicans on the ticket: President Trump and Sen. Thom Tillis.  Mark won nearly as many votes as Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.

Bloomy’s dough came from his half-billion-dollar Beyond Carbon Victory Fund.  It’s aimed at  “environmental justice” and dedicated to electing state and local candidates “who are climate champions.”

How’s this for delicious irony? In his upcoming role as the new lieutenant governor, Robinson will chair North Carolina’s energy council.  It’s another one of the globalist,  multiple-mansion-owning, Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 epic electoral fails.

Robinson said, “Just because you have money, that money does not always translate into votes. Our message was simple: We’re 100 percent pro-life; we stand up for our Second Amendment, our God-given right to self-defense, school choice, caring for our veterans and standing up for law enforcement and law and order.”

It’s clear that Mark Robinson’s unapologetically conservative, five plank platform was delivered with the same authenticity as his viral city council speech and resonated with the people of North Carolina in much the way.

It’s a terrific political, David slays Goliath type story that deserves much more attention.

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John Thomas
John Thomas
2 years ago

I was very proud to have voted for Mark Robinson. A NC lieutenant governor has very few jobs to do, but what he does do I am confident he will do more competently the Gov. Roy Cooper has done.

Joe D'Uva
Joe D'Uva
2 years ago

Thank you for this uplifting story of such a Patriot and Warrior!!!!
I will proudly pass this to my contact list and hopefully build the attention it deserves!

Sentimental Gentlemen
Sentimental Gentlemen
2 years ago

Good, good, let the FAIL flow through comrade kommissar Bloomberg.
Piles of cash dry up eventually even for those with many piles.
I thought North Carolina was some racist good ol’ boy place? (sarc)