Still another obnoxious dancing nurse video


While people are dying, and blue state governors helped kill seniors in nursing homes, these medical professionals are making fools of themselves.

Tim Pool said they’re mocking us. It’s like dancing at a funeral, he says. You can hear him in the second video below.

Their fun dancing over COVID shows it’s all gone to their heads. They think they’re celebrities who can dance to COV.

Watch yet another obnoxious TikTok video:

Catturd is one of my favorite philosophers:

“What they are doing, to me is no different than dancing at a funeral,” says Pool, adding they share it not to help people but to get “likes” and followers. “It’s disgusting.”

Let’s not forget the obnoxious nurse sermons:

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Johnny Loves Jazz
Johnny Loves Jazz
2 years ago

The hospitals are overwhelmed and the nurses are frazzled as the bodies pile up and the calls of bring out your dead ring out over the loudspeakers.
Heroes work here comrades, the first Kronstadt Soviet is in the house!

Big tech Bolsheviks got so butthurt over Big Don using their bandwidth to beat Cruella Pantsuit they have been driven batshit insane and had to try and pull over the Big Steal using the plandemic psyop, they clueless dullards think everyone is as braindead and true believer as their useless idiot followers.