Gov Abbott Signs Border Bill As Biden Expands the Free-for-All


Gov. Abbott led an effort to enforce its border initiative dubbed “Operation Lone Star,” and the federal government has fought him every step of the way because they want open borders.

This is America in 2023, where you need a law to close the border, and the federal government brazenly breaks the law and sues the governor following the law. In fact, Biden just took steps to rush the processing of illegal aliens.

On Monday, Gov. Abbott signed a measure to make illegal entry into the Lone Star State a state crime.

The law, which is slated to take effect in March, would empower Texas law enforcement to arrest illegal entrants and grant judges the ability to order their deportation, CNN reported.

The federal government sued Gov. Abbott over border barriers. Gov. Abbott is currently bussing illegals to sanctuary cities in blue states where the officials insisted they wanted to protect illegal crossers.

Earlier this year, Abbott called on other state governors to deploy their National Guard forces to the border to aid Texas’s efforts.

It now appears the federal government is facilitating the processing of illegals by shutting down international commerce.

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2 months ago

Why wait till March? :/