Biden Issues Stern Orders to Aides to Fix His Poll Numbers


Biden issued stern orders to his aides to fix his poll numbers. He can’t understand why his poll numbers are low when he’s so successful.

According to The Washington Post, the night before Biden left DC to celebrate Thanksgiving in Nantucket, Mass., he gathered his closest aides for a meeting in the White House residence.

Biden delivered stern words for the small group assembled: His poll numbers were unacceptably low, and he wanted to know what his team and campaign were doing about it. He complained that his economic message had done little to move the ball, even as the economy was growing and unemployment was falling, according to people familiar with his comments, who spoke anonymously to discuss a private conversation.

He thinks he’s a success and can’t understand why his polls are this low. As reported, the CBS poll has his favorability at 33%; other polls have him at 37%.

For months, the president and first lady Jill Biden have told aides and friends they are frustrated by the president’s low approval rating and the polls that show him trailing former president Donald Trump. They are becoming upset that they are not making more progress.

“We do not discuss the President’s private conversations one way or the other,” Andrew Bates, a White House spokesman, said in a statement. “The President and First Lady meet regularly with their senior team for updates and to review plans.”

Since that November meeting, most polls show Biden trailing Trump nationally and, more importantly, in key battleground states.

Politico seems worried that a conviction of Donald Trump won’t help Biden much. They posted an article titled, Why a Trump conviction might not save Biden’s reelection. At least they’re almost admitting why Donald Trump was charged.

It’s a mystery why anyone would vote for Biden.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Joe and Jill are clueless clowns who do not love in a real world.