Gov. Abbott Will Continue to Arrest Illegal Foreigners


Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that since the Supreme Court has temporarily halted the law allowing Texas to arrest illegal immigrants under SB4, they will arrest them for criminal trespass and other violations of laws instead.

He waited too long to attempt to protect the border, but he’s doing it now, and that’s more than most governors are doing.

Passed by the Texas legislature last year, SB4 criminalizes unauthorized migration at the state level. It makes entering the U.S. outside of a port of entry — already a federal offense — into a state crime. It also creates a state felony charge for illegal reentry.

SSSB4 empowers law enforcement officials in Texas, at the state and local level, to detain and prosecute migrants on these new criminal charges. It also grants state judges the power to require migrants to return to Mexico as an alternative to prosecution.

The Justice Department has said SB4 conflicts with federal law and the Constitution. The ruse is to claim immigration enforcement, including arrests and deportations, has long been a federal responsibility even though they won’t allow their law enforcement to follow the law.

It has also argued the measure harms relations with the Mexican government, which has denounced SB4 as “anti-immigrant” and vowed to reject migrants returned by the state of Texas.

A communist and cartels run Mexico.  The only way to deal with them is through strength.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who is the leading state critic of President Biden’s border policies, stated that SB4, as a necessary measure to discourage migrants from crossing the Rio Grande. The Federal government won’t do it so Texas will do it.

The 41,000 arrested and 105,000 sent to sanctuary cities is not enough, but it’s a start. Hopefully, the arrests will scare people off.

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