Gov Cuomo named in sexual harassment suit for letting aide abuse her


Andrew Cuomo, a candidate for fake president-elect Joe Biden’s Attorney General, is the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit in Buffalo.

A Buffalo woman said she was sexually harassed by Sam Hoyt, a former state lawmaker and top economic adviser to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. She filed a federal lawsuit against Hoyt for engaging in a “pattern of committing sexual harassment, assault, discrimination and retaliation” against her.

Lisa Marie Cater named Cuomo as a defendant, alleging he and others in his administration “willfully ignored” numerous complaints she brought to their attention of the “horrific acts” Hoyt allegedly committed.

The Cuomo administration denied Cater’s claims.

“Certainly we are alleging there are extreme emotional damages here,’’ her attorney said, given Hoyt’s alleged actions and the “indifference” by the Cuomo administration.

But, how can this be? Cuomo is so pro-women. Or is that a lie? Anyway, you have to believe the woman.

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Howie Longfellow
Howie Longfellow
2 years ago

Welcome to the me too era esteemed party member comrade kommissar Cuomo.
Get your bank account ready for a value drop.
Your prestige with the fat loud purple haired pink hat poseurs will plummet precipitously.

2 years ago

Coumo is a mass murderer. Why should he object to his female staff members being harassed by the good ole boys?