Gov. DeSantis Calls Out Biden’s Inept Admin Over Canceling Antibodies


On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a roundtable press conference with physicians, clinicians, and other health officials in Florida to condemn Biden and his administration for banning monoclonal antibody treatments.

First of all, he explained that Delta is still going around. Secondly, Florida officials found that these antibodies work as early treatment, and to back it up, he made note of their success in reducing deaths.

The revocation of the antibodies was based on a non-peer-reviewed lab study in vitro and was not performed on humans. A study like that is not significant enough to take the antibodies off the market. That is not proof the antibodies don’t work against Omicron. The vaccines don’t work well against Omicron either.

Governor DeSantis was also displeased that the antibodies were banned with no notice. He added that the state media is parroting whatever the government says.

The study it’s based on is inadequate:

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1 year ago

No more anti-bodies as decreed from the evil communist dictator joe stalin- I mean biden? DeSantis should really give him the middle finger and open up IVERMECTIN clinics!!! Ivermectin is even more effective than the antibodies and is one of the safest drugs ever created, and it costs only PENNIES per dose. It is a miracle drug and it’s saved the lives of co vid victims even in the late stages of infection. If DeSantis were to do this he would reach Rock Star status and be a shoo-in for President!!!

Hate Them Right Back Tenfold
Hate Them Right Back Tenfold
1 year ago

Inept? Malice.

WAR Is the Answer
WAR Is the Answer
1 year ago

WAR everywhere, Red vs blue maggots, Russia vs third world turd Chiquitastan, CCP versus the world, BLM/Antifa STurmabteilung (Brownshirts) vs. Americans, Let’s Go Jo Jo vs De Santa Claus.
WAR is the answer.

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