Gov. DeSantis Gets His Grand Jury to Probe Vax Manufacturers – Watch the Clips


American Newsroom

Florida’s Supreme Court has approved Governor Ron DeSantis’s request for a statewide grand jury to investigate mRNA COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.

DeSantis announced earlier in December his petition for a statewide grand jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing” in Florida concerning the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.

“It is against the law to mislead and to misrepresent, particularly when you’re talking about the efficacy of a drug,” DeSantis said.

It’s a start!

Gov. DeSantis said, “Florida will hold the medical establishment accountable by:
  • Creating a grand jury to investigate mRNA shots & Big Pharma
  • Investigating cardiac-related deaths tied to the mRNA vaccine
  • Forming a Public Health Integrity Committee to oversee the medical establishment.”

He’s taking on an enormous force of media, drugmakers, politicians, and ideologues who have a serious investment in keeping the truth from being told. It is the biggest story in the world, shrouded in secrecy.

Dr. Ladapo explained recently that in one examination of 35 autopsies of people who died suddenly, four died of myocarditis. It is a type of myocarditis tied to mRNA. These types of deaths do not show up in CDC estimates.


We have peer-reviewed research that 1 in 100 people taking the Pfizer jab has a serious vaccine reaction. Professionals with unimpeachable credentials want the vaccine stopped immediately, pending further research.

Esteemed Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra said, “The original trial data [Pfizer]…which was reanalyzed…suggested one was more likely to get serious adverse effects from the vaccine than one was to be hospitalized from COVID.”

Excess deaths unrelated to COVID are growing.

“There is something pretty horrible going on!”


We now know the vaccine is linked to blood clotting.

The President of the International Vascular Society says to stop the vaccines now!

This sounds bad. Shouldn’t someone check this out?


This tweet was censored for nearly two years. You can now hear this woman in Bologna, Italy talk about how CCP lockdowns ruined her life. She didn’t have any food for her 3-year-old. Lockdowns don’t work.

Remembering the Fauci-Gates-Big Pharma Oneness:


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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
5 months ago

I can see the lawsuits and rulings by the attack by the DOJ against Florida because our government stupidly gave the vax manufacturers immunity against lawsuits and probably criminal charges.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

I suggest caution with DeSantis, he is making a few big promises, results must follow. There are 2 major indicators that cause suspicion. The first is that he is supported by ultra rich globalist Trump haters. It would be a silly strategy for DeSantis to go with the anti-Trump crowd. It would ensure an attempt at higher office will fail. The second is that we hear no MSM uproar over DeSantis, or attacks. The 2 things are related, since if DeSantis is really with the Trump haters. the establishment would not be smearing him.

Serious action by DeSantis is required for him to be credible.

Ladapo is a very ethical person.

Malhotra by his actions is a self server who demonstrated inability to analyze and be honest. He continues to be deceptive, citing “reanalysis” of Pfizer data. There was plenty of data around when he lock stepped with the establishment and favored the jabs. His remarks are not credible. We do not need Pfizer data, or people making excuses for Pfizer. I am not aware of any efforts Malhotra is participating in to study the jab effects.

It was known long ago that spike proteins caused clotting. it is a lie to state that tis is “now known”.

5 months ago

Governor Ron DeSantis is far too Conservative for the Deep State. If he runs for President the Deep State will Destroy him. If he runs as VP, he will be President in 2028. Imagine how many Investigations DeSantis can ramrod as VP.