Sen. Hawley Explains Why He Was a No-Show for Zelensky’s Address


Sen. Josh Hawley explained why he didn’t go to watch the comic-turned President of Ukraine give a speech before Congress saying $45 billion wouldn’t be enough.

“I didn’t go to the speech because I didn’t want to be part of a photo op asking for more money from the United States government when they haven’t given us a single piece of accounting on anything they spent,” said Hawley.

“I mean, we spent $100 billion in blank checks. There’s no accountability whatsoever — no oversight whatsoever. And in the meantime, our European allies are continuing to sandbag. We have spent more on Ukraine than all of the Europeans put together, and it’s on their continent!”

via Red Voice Media

Reps. Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz refused to clap or stand for the comic-actor-turned President. I know people will say this is rude, and Zelensky is the George Washington of Ukraine.

Maybe the Representatives feel the same way Sen. Hawley feels. They didn’t want to be part of the photo-op.

Some see Mr. Zelensky as a snake oil salesman who refuses to negotiate while his people are killed. He is also criticized for allowing Nazi thugs in his military.

He was rude when he spoke to Congress, yet he was treated like a victorious Roman Emperor coming home from battle.

He’s hailed as saving democracy, while some insist he is a tyrant in his own country. Zelensky would claim he limited freedom for his people because of the war, but he shut down an entire religious sect. They didn’t do anything to him and said they supported him. He’s abolished all political parties and banned insults to his government. He has taken over corporations, seemingly without necessity.

The entire speech was planned to get the outlandish omnibus passed. It was a photo-op and nothing more. After all, Ukraine is our number one concern. Mitch said it is, so it must be true.


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