Trudeau Christmas Propaganda: Get Vaxxed, Wear a Mask, Open a Window – Don’t Be Naughty


Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer and major Trudeau propagandist Theresa Tam put out her yearly ‘Santa holiday health check’ call. Dr. Tam calls the ‘North Pole’ and speaks with Mrs. Claus herself.

Santa wearing his face mask as Dr. Tam suggested. He’s gone Woke and he’s wrapping up masks for you to put under the tree.

Dr. Tam declared everyone in Canada earned a place on Santa’s nice list, but then Mrs. Claus pulled out the Santa list telling everyone to stay up to date on their vaccinations and wear a mask while washing their hands to Jingle Bells.

If you don’t, you probably get put on the naughty list.

Dr. Tam ends with, Happy Holidays, stay at home if you are sick, open a window to “let in some fresh air” while gathering indoors. Windows open? In Canada!!!

The Claus’s had all their vaccines and are presumably getting them every two months until they die suddenly and end up as an excess death statistic.

Dr. Tam needs to go onto the naughty list. Even Dr. Fauci admitted no studies are showing a reduction in hospitalization or death in children who get boosters.

Tam is our Dr. Fauci, who should also be on the naughty list.

Get vaxxed even though the former chief doctor in Australia suffered serious adverse effects a week after the shot and her wife suffered even worse effects five minutes after the shot. Be good, boys and girls – get the shots anyway.

Oh, the banality of evil.

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