Gov DeSantis on Over Testing Leads to Lockdowns by Stealth


Governor DeSantis attended an event in Union County to award $3.5 million to the county for use during hurricanes and other disasters. While there, he got into the topic of obsessive testing. He sees a big downside.

The Florida Governor said: “Now think about it, before COVID, did anyone go out and seek testing to determine if they were sick? It’s usually, you feel like you’re sick and then you get tested to determine what you may have come down. And so this is kind of a new thing where they’ve been saying, ‘Just go out and test all the time and, again, you’re free to do it,’ but I think what the [Department of Health] guidance from Florida is saying is that it’s unlikely to yield any clinical value for you and it also creates a lot of second-order follow-up problems.”

“It’s essentially a lockdown by stealth in the sense of, if you test positive but you’re not sick or have symptoms, you may have to isolate. They don’t even know – the tests can’t even tell you if you’re even infectious or not. And these PCR tests – you can test positive for weeks, months even in some cases,” he continued.

He continued: “And so what happens is, blanket testing of healthy people it leads to some kids being not in school. It leads to people not being able to go to work. And doing some of this isolation may not even be justified. And so I think those guidelines are very sensible and again it’s not saying people can do what they want to do, but I can tell you to just force healthy people, business or whatever, we don’t advise that at all.”

“We think that’s a mistake,” DeSantis said. “We think people should live their lives. And then if they develop symptoms, then you can obviously get a test. If you’re at risk, the treatment would change the course for you. We obviously want to see that treatment done.”

The Left hates everything Gov. DeSantis says. He’s a threat to tyrannical rule. When are we going to be forced to get tested for the flu or register our weight or whatever else they come up with?


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