Trucking Industry Faces Collapse If SCOTUS Rules for Biden


In November,  Trucking CEO Eric Lawrence stated that it doesn’t make sense to level vaccine mandates in the middle of a supply chain crisis.

“We’re not able to haul all of our customers’ freight as it is now,” Eric Lawrence, chief executive of Rochester-based Lawrence Transportation Co., told The Daily Signal at the time. “Most of the trucking companies are in the same position … . We’ve got too much capacity to haul, and we need more labor so we can invest and continue to grow and add more capacity to help the supply chain. And [the vaccine mandate] is going to do the opposite of that. It’s going to take capacity away from this market.”

Lawrence Transportation, established in 1957, is among the companies nationally suing to stop the vaccine mandate. The Job Creators Network, a small-business advocacy group, is representing the Minnesota refrigerated-truckload carrier, along with five other firms in a lawsuit filed in the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Daily Signal reported.

“I’m not anti-vax, but there’s a good number of people in the trucking industry that are just not going to get vaccinated,” Lawrence said. “I think [the mandate would] push some people into early retirement. They’re just going to leave the industry altogether.”

This whole option of testing once a week, I think, is fine, if you were in a static position with a factory. But our people are moving all over the country, and the sheer logistics of trying to get everybody tested every week is nearly impossible.

The transportation industry could lose up to 40% of its workforce, he said.

These one-size-fits-all mandates from the federal government are now under review by the US Supreme Court, our last hope.

Mr. Lawrence is still speaking out but no one in the swamp cares. They know what is going to happen if the mandate continues and they obviously want it to happen.

Currently, you have Citibank and Mayo firing hundreds of unvaxxed. The soulless companies say they will train new people. They have no sense of loyalty and yet they claim they are righteous.

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